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by Hendrik Ghys | 2013-09-13 EST

When we officially become the owners of on July 1st, we started putting together a team of very talented developers to start work on Bricklink 2.0. As of August, we are ready to enter the second phase: getting a complete understanding of how Bricklink works. The most important part of this is to understand how buyers & sellers use Bricklink currently and what improvements they would like to see.

Bricklink Round Table - EU Seller's Day : Mannheim

To this end, we organized two 'Bricklink Roundtable EU Sellers' events. The first Roundtable took place on August 1st in Mannheim, Germany, followed by a second event on August 3rd in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In preparation of the roundtables, we distributed a survey among sellers and gathered over 150 suggestions that all have been shared with our development team.

On both occasions, the roundtable consisted of close to thirty people. Many of the top- Bricklink sellers in Europe attended, alongside Jay Kim, the new owner of BrickLink, and special guests such as former Bricklink owners Larry Hawthorne & Eliska Jezek (Dan's mother), Emma Smith (inventory admin), Jeremy Williams (watch his great presentation from Brickish Association on and Mr. Stanley Park and Mr. Marvin Park (leaders of the development team for Bricklink 2.0).

Bricklink Round Table - EU Seller's Day : Rotterdam

Each event kicked off with an overview of Bricklink's phenomenal growth. For over a decade now, the community has doubled in size every 3 years with over 270 thousand registered members currently. At the heart of each event was a two-hour long roundtable discussion on how to improve Bricklink. Popular suggestion topics such as checkout, search and easier ways to update store inventories were all discussed in depth.

Bricklink Round Table - EU Seller's Day

At the end the roundtables, Jay Kim laid out his vision for BrickLink 2.0. This will be a completely redesigned site, built from scratch, with a modern and easy to use interface. In addition, the goal is to attract more MOC-fans to Bricklink by adding MOC Pages that will act as a community portal for builders with regular news updates and pages to share their own creations. A precise timeline for BrickLink 2.0 is not yet set in stone, but there are now more than 15 people worldwide working on its development non-stop to show results as soon as possible.

After the roundtable meetings, lively discussions continued at dinner and went well into the night. It was great meeting with sellers in person and receiving a wealth of great ideas for the future of BrickLink.

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This is old news! Is this what caused me to be logged off a few minutes ago? I was doing some feedback and then sending a message about an order and had to log back in when I tried to send th...
(156 days ago, 2013-11-11, to NEWS)
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[...] Wow unusual new feature... Anyway I really do hope BL 3.0 (Hey I signed up in older bl than this one ;) ) will be a vast improvement. Especially since there is so many differ...
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Probably caused by the same issue that causes ghost inventory to keep reappearing. [...]
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Hi again, it seems that all we hear is promises, promises. At the round table meeting it was said that the top 100 sellers of Bricklink (to whom I belong for over 3 years now) would ...
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[...] This is bad news. I like the homemade style of this site. With NO COMMERCIAL, simple, open minded, NO MARKETING, unofficial. And I don't want a finance puppet to change anything.
(146 days ago, 2013-11-20, to NEWS)
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I for one would hate to see any substantial charge as I feel that Bricklink is one of the best sites on the Internet. Simple and easy to use and navigate. Search capabilities is second to none. ...
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[...] will there be similar meetings with buyers to see what we want from the system as without us involved it seems we will end up being forgotten...a marketplace requires both sellers and buye...
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