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I've just been welcomed, and now I'm thrilled to be welcoming you!

by Alice Finch | 2013-12-11 EST


It is with great excitement that I join the BrickLink Team as Chief Communications Officer. My team and I are here to answer questions that come up, listen to the BrickLink community, and be your voice as Bricklink changes and expands.

Like many of you, I played with LEGOs as a child and I had a long dark age. One brilliant spot in in that darkness was the first Christmas gift my then boyfriend (now husband) gave to me: set #6034 Black Monarch’s Ghost. I still have it (and the box). Who knew this would be the beginning of a hobby and passion that now takes over rooms in our house!

I’ve always tended to design and build things- from St. Basil’s Cathedral out of gingerbread to the house that I live in, but it wasn’t until my elder son was starting to really build that I began to dabble in Lego again. What started innocently as building a few of the Harry Potter sets soon turned into a full minifig scale model of the Great Hall. A year and a half and many BrickLink orders later, it is 400,000 bricks big. I still can’t believe it’s had 7 million views on Flickr!

Even when I’m not putting bricks together, I have Lego on my mind. I’m a full time mother to two young sons who build (and pilfer from my stash) and I’m an active AFOL in Seattle. I have close relationships with many of the amazing builders in my area, my local Lego Store employees, and the hundreds of kids I know at my son’s school where I run the art program. This means I recognize the spectacular diversity of the Bricklink community and the hopes of seeing BrickLink become an increasingly responsive and resourceful marketplace. My goal is to be an effective hub for communication and to bring the BrickLink community even closer together.

Here are some photos of one of my newest creations- the Quidditch Pitch for Hogwarts. I'm very happy to share them first on BrickLink. Enjoy!

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View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   TheBrickGuys(3714)
I really look forward to all the upcoming changes and I am very excited. I loved your moc's of the the Harry Potter theme. Especially the one where you were kneeling (or sitting, I cant...
(134 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   mabccc(161)
It would be really good if you had names in addition to Admin, so it is clear who is posting. Admin Alice, Admin Eric, etc.
(134 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   Miro78(721)
Welcome Alice, It is nice to see someone step in and fill in the void and have someone internally communicate to the many people that frequent this site. I look forward to hearing news on upco...
(134 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   Brettj666(433)
[...] Hi Alice. I've shown your Harry Potter Castle to a great deal of people as an example of how great one can become at creating outside of the model that they have bought. Onto your r...
(134 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   therobo(5021)
[...] Hah! It seems you want to check the communication skills of your readers :D
(134 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   Starlite(111)
Hi Alice, Glad to have you on board. One of the things I've noticed is that a number of aspects of BrickLink are skewed towards Sellers. Perhaps the biggest example is the presence "unde...
(134 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   grayfish(618)
Hi Alice! It is an honor to have such a fine builder onboard. Thanks for keeping things rolling at our beloved BrickLink! Cheers! [...]
(133 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   connie(7584)
[...] I would like to see another level to the inventory approval system. Inventories that are held up due to a "discussion" of what, where or how an item or mini figure is to be listed should ...
(133 days ago, 2013-12-11, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   tedward(94)
Congratulations Alice! I think this will be a great opportunity for both you and for BL. -Ted
(132 days ago, 2013-12-13, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   Captainboy(7)
Hello ! Thank you for your welcome witches ! Your Quidditch MOC is great, and beautiful ! I love Harry and his friends. Read (see) you soon ! Jean-Luc. [...]
(128 days ago, 2013-12-17, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   mnmguler(88)
Welcome! If you are ever down in the Longview/Kelso area, hit me up! I always welcome new fresh perspectives on Legos! mnmguler [...]
(112 days ago, 2014-01-02, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   mef(11)
(110 days ago, 2014-01-04, to NEWS)
View Thread Thank You!   -   maverick76_it(2)
Thanks a lot for being so kind! Best from Italy :)
(93 days ago, 2014-01-21, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   AussieAl(39)
(86 days ago, 2014-01-28, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: Welcome!   -   RJlego(0)
(10 days ago, 2014-04-14, to NEWS)
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