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by Alice Finch | 2014-02-19 EST

With the release of 2.0 in May, BrickLink will be holding monthly building challenges. These challenges are meant to encourage builders to share their models and inspire others through innovative parts usage and creative designs.

Just as there are many different types of builders, so will there be many different types of building challenges. Some challenges will be based on the idea of a seed part, a specific part or two, sometimes with colors specified, sometimes not, that is to be used in a prominent and interesting way within the build. Seed parts generally have something inspiring about them- perhaps the color, perhaps the shape, as well as something challenging- perhaps the ways it can be attached, perhaps that you have to think outside the box to use it in a non-traditional way.

Other challenges will be based on a designated number of parts. Sometimes it might be a fairly large number, like 100, while for others it might be oddly small, like 6. This kind of challenge is fun because it makes every brick count and often the result is quite entertaining and inspiring.

Another kind of number based challenge will be focused on a particular set of pieces. For example, one of the creative projects that I mentioned I was working on is a building challenge based on 75 parts. Some of the parts are ordinary, like a 1x2 plate, while others parts in any particular building challenge kit, will be an unusual color or shape or quantity. The idea here is to see how many different models we can create using the same pieces. Instead of 3-in-1 models, we’re thinking 1,000-in-1.

This type of building challenge kit is also related to the collaboration I am working on with several conventions. The first couple of building challenges at conventions will have the opportunity to give feedback about the 75 parts, as there needs to be a balance between the basics and the featured parts, both in terms of color and shape. Once this challenge is up and running, the parts list will be finalized and made available online. Winning designs could potentially become prepackaged kit(s) sold through BrickLink!

All varieties of building challenge will follow this general timeline:

Week 1Challenge is announced
Weeks 1-4Design, order parts if needed, and build
Week 5Submit design to BL website
Week 6Evaluation, a combination of voting and curation, and winners are announced

The very first online building challenge will be announced at the end of April at Philly Brick Fest. The top three winners of the online building challenges will receive monetary prizes of $500, $300, and $200, and the first prize winner will have the opportunity to participate in one of our other upcoming projects. We hope you’ll join us in trying these out, as we think they are going to be great fun.

Stay tuned for upcoming BrickLink Building Challenges!

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View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   MYLEGOBRICKS(1299)
(160 days ago, 2014-02-19, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   duhfeet(57)
[...] This fine if you are very creative but for people like me it is not very fair. I am anything but creative. I build what I need but I am not like member Miro for example who created a micro...
(160 days ago, 2014-02-19, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   piecemeal(1333)
Sounds great, especially that bit about MOC kits/parts packs sold through BL. This could be a great contribution and stimulus to the community of designers, builders, and sellers.
(159 days ago, 2014-02-19, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   Miro78(848)
[...] This is great news and very exciting for me, as I love building challenges, especially at small scales. Thanks to Brian (DagsBricks) that inspired me to try my hands with micro-sca...
(159 days ago, 2014-02-19, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   dephone(42)
Can't wait, really great idea !
(157 days ago, 2014-02-21, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   Stein_Auf_Stein(2494)
Great idea. We are with every Challenge... :-)
(154 days ago, 2014-02-24, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   unordained(78)
This bothers me slightly, specifically because of the official involvement of Bricklink management. There's an incentive here for the seed parts to be selected in a way that will cause runs o...
(153 days ago, 2014-02-25, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   amerryventure(3356)
I like this idea, as long there is a lot of community involvement. For example, there should be voting to determine the contests each month, and the winners of the contests. If there's a seed...
(153 days ago, 2014-02-25, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   DagsBricks(575)
[...] I'm guessing that this step eliminates any electronically created entries. Brian
(152 days ago, 2014-02-26, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   admin_alice(49)
The idea of building challenges was developed for the sole purpose of creating a positive and inspiring exchange of ideas between members of the BrickLink community. The parts that are selected, ...
(149 days ago, 2014-03-02, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   LegoLover14(0)
cool. do you have to get a new account for Bricklink 2.0?
(147 days ago, 2014-03-03, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   JIC_Bricks(13)
[...] Well, BL has another great iea. Can't wait for this one... keep em coming BL.
(145 days ago, 2014-03-05, to NEWS)
View Thread Re: BrickLink Building Challenges   -   techman(17)
AWESOME! ! ! ! I can't wait!
(136 days ago, 2014-03-14, to NEWS)
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